Nepean River-A Natural Wonderland

Looking up the narrows of the gorge from our boat
My husband and daughter in our boat with a storm on the way
The storm behind us over the Nepean River

A few years ago my husband came up with a brilliant plan to purchase a boat, at least he thought it was brilliant, I however, had visions of being left at home on weekends with my bored children while he went out fishing with his 30 new friends because owning a boat makes you extremely popular, kind of like having a swimming pool.

Needless to say, I lost the argument and not long after that conversation my husband brought home a tidy 5 person fishing boat that I have grown to love just like a fourth child. Owning a boat hasn’t turned out to be the negative experience I had predicted nor has it turned out to be the endless money pit I’d envisioned. Owning a boat has added another dimension to our weekends.

The Nepean Belle Paddle Wheeler

Undoubtedly the jewel in Penrith’s crown has to be the Nepean River and it is not hard to see why. With the Great River Walk, picnics, playgrounds, BBQs, boating, fishing, water skiing and even canoe and kayak hire there really is so much to do here. Further up the river the Nepean Gorge is truly a beautiful experience with freshwater fishing and eco tours that operate from Tench Reserve most days so even without owning a boat Nepean River is still very accessible for everyone to experience.

Penrith City Councils River Project Plans to upgrade and expand the existing facilities have been well received and really have people in the Penrith Community excited. There really is a feeling of “It’s just going to get better”.

On a good day the water at Nepean Gorge is crystal clear and we have often spotted platypus and turtles, a great sign that the eco system is thriving and no longer the polluted breeding ground it use to be.

You can see waterfalls, rock wallabies, bird life and my husbands favourite, goats. You can even travel as far as the wall of Warragamba Dam if you want to.

At the opposite end of Nepean River sits “The Weir”. It is located just past Nepean Rowing Club and boasts some areas that are equally as beautiful. There are some perfect spots to drop a fishing line in from the bank. There is also a largely unassuming steep grassy hill that you could be forgiven for thinking is just part of the scenery but, when combined with some large pieces of cardboard to slide down on, has provided hours of entertainment to many generations of children over the years. So far we have not had any injuries, but do this at your own risk. If you want to try something risk free take a walk North as far as the track will allow or take a drive down even further towards Yarramundi and find a nice fishing spot on the sand or even have a swim at Grose River where swimming is permitted.

Sliding down the hill at the weir
Stairs leading down to the river

Until recently all these areas were unfamiliar to me, after living here all my life I still had no idea what beauty lay at my own doorstep and there are still many places that line the river that I am still yet to explore. I use to plan to see the world, but with three young children those plans have been put on hold and new ones have been put in place, creating memories right here in my own backyard because sometimes you don’t have to travel too far at all to have an adventure.

Water play at Yarramundi

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  1. HI
    I am planning to bring my kids to nepean river to tow a tube behind a boat. Do you know where would be a good place for a picnic, ramp and tow around the nepean.


  2. So sorry for the delayed response Paul I didn’t get a notification but yes it is great for picnics although they are currently upgrading the path and playground area so it will be even better in a few month but there are also bbqs too 😍

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