Love our locals- Elicia Symes, How mumma got her groove back

Movement is so critical to your physical, spiritual and mental well being. So is connection and conversation. They all make us feel good and who doesn’t love to feel good? I sure do.

The birth of a child can often be followed by so many highs and lows, so many emotions as your newfound eating, pooing, sleeping, spewing and crying machine becomes the centre of your world. It kind of doesn’t leave a great deal of time for much else unless you are super well planned and organised.

As a mum, after each of my three babies were born I counted down the weeks (there were 12 of them) until I could take my baby to the crèche at the gym but even then the timing had to be just right, I certainly couldn’t book in any PT sessions and actually stick to them.

Where was Kangatraining and Elicia Symes when I needed them?

I don’t have a baby anymore but I was still lucky enough to experience an amazing community of mummas with babies and toddlers all getting their groove back on their terms right here in Glenmore Park.

Self care is so important because if mumma ain’t happy ain’t no one happy.

So in a little, unsuspecting place called Surveyors Creek Hall, this mumma tribe and their cubs gather on a Tuesday morning. What could have looked like a playgroup to anyone on the outside certainly was not that. It’s called Kangatraining.

As Elicia performed the postpartum checks some mummas breastfed their newborns and the yoga mats were laid out.

There was no need for weights as we lifted our babies (ok mine was plastic and weighed 3kg) high into the air, relatively lightweight compared to Elicias 16 month old daughter. Hold on a sec they weren’t just exercising they were also bonding, all the mums and their bubs, that doesn’t happen at a gym.

We held our babies close and strapped them into carriers on our chests or backs and by the end I was witness to something magical. A room full of happily sleeping babies and even happier mummas. I don’t think I would have believed it if I hadn’t have seen it with my own eyes but that was my mind blowing Kangatraining experience and just for the record, yes I could still feel it the next day (the sign of a great workout)

How did Elicia even come up with this and should I have another baby just so I can come back? 

Ok my husband says no but here is Elicias story and how she came to be the inspirational owner of Kangatraining Penrith-

I was born and raised mostly in the Blacktown area, we did spend a few years in Perth when I was little. I went to the local primary and high schools and did all the usual sports and dancing. I have danced on and off both in school and out and have always loved it.

After I had my first child in 2012, I looked into doing Kangatraining with him, but our closest trainer was in Castle Hill and my son did not like the car! I had my 2nd baby in 2015, and there was still nothing close, even though we had moved to Penrith. In 2016 I looked into doing the Instructor course and made it happen. I had heard a few times that people were looking for Kangatraining classes, but were in the same position as me, with no trainers around.

After I had signed up for the course and booked in all my flights and accommodation, I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby! So off I went to Melbourne for our intense 5 day course while I was 11 weeks pregnant. Thankfully the morning sickness had eased enough for me to get through it.

I started classes in Glenmore Park and Emu Plains in November 2016, stopped to have Miss R in 2017 and continued from Term 3 2017. Kangatraining is all she has known, and when she was little the only way to get her to sleep was to have the music up loud and dance around with her! I have loved being able to bring a safe post natal exercise program for local mums to our area, although I have had mums from the Blue Mountains, Seven Hills and Parramatta join my classes.

I love living in Penrith, I love that we are close to a great Public School for the kids, there is so much open space to explore and so many opportunities. We can easily catch a train to the city or the mountains for the day, go bush walking or explore local parks. We have our family really close too, so there’s always someone around to visit or help out if needed.