Paranormal Penrith Arms of Australia Inn Ghost Tours

Ghost tours, not to be confused with Hamish and Andys “ghosting” have been operating in many locations all over Sydney for quite some time now.

Trying to get a group of friends together for a ghost tour is not an easy task. There are believers, non believers and sceptics.

My husband just says flat out “no” and if truth be told every ghost tour I have ever been on has been more like a historical high school excursion . I like history so that doesn’t bother me at all.

The advertisement for the 6.45pm – 7.45pm session at The Arms of Australia Inn said “fun and freaky” so I prepared myself for a lesson on Penriths History.

As we stood gathered in the freezing cold courtyard taking in our surroundings while waiting for the tour to commence I noticed a group of around 15 men and women standing off to the side.

These men and women were all wearing matching black hoodies with a white logo that I could not make out from where I stood. My first thought was “I didn’t think bikies were allowed to wear colours anymore” my second thought was “do bikies do ghost tours?” Fortunately, before my mind could wander any further the tour commenced and the group of “bikies” were introduced to us as members of “West Sydney Paranormal”.

I’m pretty sure my inner self was high fiving at this point and my engagement quickly accelerated to 100%, my historical high school ghost tour had just turned into an investigation for paranormal activity complete with video camera, audio and EVP equipment.

It seems the popularity of TV shows like Paranormal Activity and Ghost Hunters have broken down barriers and changed this industry. People aren’t here for the stories anymore they are here for the experience.

The guides from West Sydney Paranormal shared out their equipment among us and we commenced our tour.

Outside the Barn



Inside the barn

The history of the Inn is very interesting. Built around 1826 and is quite possibly one of the first buildings in the area, it was used by travellers as a stop over on their way to the gold fields near Bathurst. Our tour guides spoke of the death of an aboriginal man possibly in the cellar (the cellar has apparently since been filled in with concrete). A woman that was probably killed by bushrangers. A young girl that fell down the well and subsequently died later in the house. The ghost of a young boy who roams the grounds and also the ghost of a man who has also been detected outside the house.

It is important to note that paranormal activity does not perform on command and waiting for any kind of sign or action can lead well into the night.

The drop in temperature as we entered certain rooms was apparent. It was explained to us that a Ghost Box can be used to create white noise and a radio frequency that will inturn enable you to communicate with the spirits. Similarly, an EVP will record noise that is seemingly undetectable to the human ear.

We used both devices alternately and called upon the different spirits known to frequent both the inside and the outside of the house.

We moved through different rooms of the house talking to the energies and asking them for their stories, reassuring them that we were there to listen and did not mean them any harm.

I’m sure everyones interpretation of the night will be different, one hour is definitely not long enough. Some people will indeed feel their beliefs have been validated, some people will always remain sceptic.

One lady in the sitting room said she had been poked. A medium in the bedroom felt sickness similar to that which is felt only when traveling by sea. Many will attest they heard a man whistling and a ladies voice through the white noise. My mum noticeably jumped when she was tapped on the shoulder yet no one was there.

And as for me, well, I felt an overwhelming need to sing lullabies…….although for the benefit of those around me I didn’t.image