Rainy Days In Blue Mountains Spa Caves

We got married in a fever hotter than a peppered sprout……ok, no we didn’t, we got married on a catamaran on Sydney Harbour 7 years ago. It was everything I (we?) had planned it to be, apart from the rain because you don’t plan for rain. By the time we were done we would have been lucky to have $30 left in the bank, oops.

Needless to say our honeymoon was “low key” but we had each other and made some amazing memories down the South Coast staying in a dodgy motel room watching sunrises from the beach because they are free.

I’m not sure when I fell a little less in love with the ocean and more in love with the mountains. 

My husband says it’s the sand. It would be ok if the sand stayed at the beach but it gets in your bag, in your clothes, in your car and eventually ends up in your bed, it’s inevitable, that’s just the way sand works.

The Blue Mountains have been the backdrop to my whole life in Penrith yet I’ve resisted the pull of them for far too long.

Now their pull is like a magnet.

My list of things I need to do in the mountains and the places I have to go grows longer by the minute. Actually finding the time to do all the things is what seems to be the problem.

One of the ideas I’d been throwing around for our honeymoon before I realised we were dead broke was a road trip to the hot springs in  Dalesford Victoria, it looks pretty bucket listy but somehow google found me a Japanese Bathhouse in NSW near Mt Victoria so same but different and way closer.

It’s taken 7 years to finally get there but as we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, once again in the rain, I gently nudge my less adventurous husband out of his comfort zone and into a bathrobe with pre booked day passes and of course massages.

The moment I take my thongs off and roll up my ripped one teaspoon jeans to wade through the ankle deep warm water that leads to the entrance I’m already mentally planning when I can go back, how often and who with?

How is this so close yet a million miles away?

The whole bathhouse over looks Lake Lyell. I’ve never been there before either but I think I love lakes now too. Even in the rain it is picture perfect, maybe even better as the mist cools your face while your body soaks in 38 degree mineral water.

There are other people in the Bathhouse at the same time but with 5 different bath options you wouldn’t even know it, especially in our favourite, the Cave Baths and yes they are exactly as they sound.

A cave that overlooks the lake with four different hot tub options, each one as secluded as the next, perfectly sized for two people.

We ate Teriyaki Chicken with Miso soup in the Japanese Tea Rooms and then, in true husband style, Andrew took a nap in the sleep room while I spaed some more.

We were originally planning on staying the night in the Tudor House accommodation but instead I booked us in to an amazing couples retreat nearby, now that’s a whole other story, I guess you’ll just have to watch this space.