Rainy Days In Blue Mountains Spa Caves

I’m not sure when I fell a little less in love with the ocean and more in love with the mountains. …….

A couple walks into a bar, in Penrith, no really – The night we met Mr Watkins

My husband is a “Grey Gums” kind of guy. If you are from Penrith you will know what that means. Any place that does not serve VB on tap is not his jam and that’s not because he is a “westie” it’s because he is resistant to change. My dad is the same kind ofRead more

Love Our Locals. Sarah Ranson – More Than Skin Deep

The rise and rise and rise of the Mumtrepreneur is undoubtably one of my favourite things about Social Media today. I remember all too clearly the “sacrifices” I have made throughout my career as a working mum while trying to aspire to the “work/life balance” dream. For decades now companies have relied on celebrities toRead more

I’ve been to the Museum of Fire (on a primary school excursion)

I’ve been to The Museum of Fire. Most people who live in Penrith will say they have been to The Museum of Fire at least once. More than likely on a primary school excursion which for me turns out to be about 25 years ago. This gets me thinking. I’ve changed a lot in theRead more

Christmas in the Western Suburbs….When your house is lit

“Theirs are better than ours” OMG really? When did this even become a thing? What the actual f? She really just said that didn’t she? I try so hard to teach my children not to compare themselves to others. It’s not a competition, a beautiful and kind heart is all that really matters. But tryRead more

Love Our Locals. Amanda Jones- Gifts by Moo

Life is full of firsts. First times, first steps, first dates. So many milestones and achievements that need to be recognised and celebrated. First job, first home, first baby, first marriage because let’s be honest people these days often have more than one of those. I had a first this week also. I had aRead more

Penrith – Love our Locals

I was in the sixth grade when my parents started their own business. Mum and Dad had both worked for the Bank of NSW since leaving High School. Later it became Westpac, it’s how they met. Now if you know my dad then you would know that he is not a suit and tie kindRead more

20 (yes only 20) things I love about living in Penrith

My parents moved to Penrith because it was a small country town and they liked the idea of bringing their children up in a small country town. Actually town is probably the wrong word because Penrith is more like a community. We rode our bikes from house to house, hopped from sprinkler to sprinkler inRead more

28 things everyone that lives in Penrith knows

  1. Always avoid Mulgoa Rd at all costs. 2. Nowhere will ever be as good as The Log Cabin. 3. For those who use the M4 your entire morning can be thrown into chaos by a single car accident. What should take 1 hour can take up to 3 and with the return ofRead more

How owning a swimming pool in Western Sydney became my deal breaker (trigger warning)

“We might be getting a swimming pool” announced my mum. I was about 11 years old at the time and I will never forget my excitement. Summer was never going to be the same again. No more sweltering under the noisy old fan that circulated the hot air around the room. No more going toRead more